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Create chatbot for Telegram (Part 2)

Online chatbots save time and efforts by automating customer support. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human. However, the opportunities provided by chatbot systems go far beyond giving responses to customers’ inquiries. They are also used for other business tasks, like collecting information about users, helping to organize meetings and reducing overhead costs. In this article, we will cover how to connect your bot with Onlizer to start logic construction.

Hi, if you come here, then the process of creating the Bot with BotFather did not cause difficulties for you. Next, we will work with Onlizer Portal and particularly with a technology called Onlizer Connect.

Onlizer Connect is part of Onlizer platform and tool created to simplify the process of services integrations, authorization, credentials management and etc.

Integrate Telegram Bot using Onlizer Connect

For this part of the tutorial, you need unique Telegram Bot's token. Each bot is created with the unique token like "123456:ABC-DEF1234ghIkl-zyx57W2v1u123ew11". In this article for simplicity <token> term will be used.

Also Onlizer account is required so if somehow in a strange and incomprehensible way you are not yet registered in Onlizer - no worry, it's easy and fast, here is a link to the registration.

  1. To get started, let's go to Onlizer Portal. To do this, enter "" in the browser's address line or use the quick link. Log in into portal using your email or username and password.
  2. Now we need to add your newly created bot to Onlyzer. For this go to the "Connection Hub" section in the Navigation menu (left side of the screen).
  3. This section contains a list of all of your third-party services connected to Onlizer. Do not worry if you have an empty space here, soon the names of your bots will appear here. To add a new service, click on the "Add new service connection" link. 
  4. Now you will be redirected to Onlizer Connect portal and a list of services will appear. You can connect any of them to your project and use them in your business logic. The list contains a batch of services and we constantly update it. Find tile with Telegram messenger icon and title and click it.