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Does workflows automation really save time and money?

Most people make the automatic assumption that automating workflows will help them save time. That makes sense, when you consider that automation does allow people to complete their work a lot faster. However, that’s not all workflow automation has to offer.

How workflows automation can save time and money for you?

Business processes automation can really become "game-changer" for companies in the modern competitive market. Such automation not only helps business reduce time spendings but also directly save money. And these savings can be no-joke numbers if we talk about Onlizer tools, from 60% economy on launch stage up to 3x reduced cost of support and upgrade if compare to manual work.

Less manual and human-dependent work

To say honestly, automated systems are created to handle a wide range of repetitive tasks much better than humans can. This software can process data flows, handle notifications, send emails and much more. And this will free your most precious resource - your employee's time and attention, for valuable creative tasks.

Every business owner or manager will agree that people are expensive. It costs a lot to hire an employee. There are many additional costs other than just his salary. So when you shift routine tasks previously performed by humans to an automated system, you’ll save money.

Of course, you can't fully replace human employees with machines, this is no point of discussion. The right decision will be to choose those tasks that are repetitive and work according to specific standards of execution (and don’t demand any type of strategical or creative thinking) and leave them up to your automation system.

Making fewer mistakes and provide better communication

Inefficiency can cost your company a lot of money. According to researches, a business loses near 30% of the profit from mistakes and wrong or delayed decisions. However, not only are humans expensive to hire, they’re more prone to mistakes than automated systems.

This is true when we talk about day-to-day routine or critical tasks even most professional specialists will have "a natural" amount of mistakes. Automations that driven by solid business rules can greatly reduce the possibility of mistakes.

Also, performed pro-actively, as a reaction for an incoming trigger, automated workflows will provide an in-time answer for any request from your customers. This greatly boosts your client's communication experience and grow their loyalty.

Reduce your operational costs

Well-set automation can not only save your employees time but also reduce overall operational costs. This is possible because of the next factors: reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), possibility to detect bottlenecks and resource waste, lower cost of processes change. Let's analyze these factors more.

TCO is one of the key spendings of business in the operational phase and its reduction is a very positive feature of "right" processes automation. As you can select different ways to build your automation need to keep in mind that the right automation system will "give more for less" and must reduce maintenance and support cost but not create new spendings by itself. For example, Onlizer is designed to reduce any "stand by" charges and our customers are paid only for real workload. According to our statistics, this allows cut processes maintenance budget by 60% on average (and this is HUGE numbers for any business). 

Automating your workflows allows you to identify redundant, unnecessary processes and cut them out. It happens often with our clients that even at the automation planning stage we help to detect unnecessary processes or time-money waste and rework business processes to be more efficient. Also when a company uses automation for some time because automation is efficient and set no-delays processing this helps to find bottlenecks in human-handled processes. 

For example, when one of our customers, building construction company, automated sales pipeline analytics with Onlizer they changed budget spread between sales channels and receive 3x more leads, and 140% better conversion rate, cutting the budget on inefficient and low-conversion channels and spend this money on better channels.

Not only save money but do more

Savings and cost reduction are great but processes automation do even more. It grows your business revenue! Automated frequent tasks handling, more efficient resource usage, reduced reaction time results in better customer experience and growth of products and services quality. Workflow automation allows your company to do a lot more with less: less time, less money, less people, less mistakes, etc.

When you handle frequent, boring tasks with machine you will have the "free" creative force of your employees to focus on product/services quality and customers satisfaction. From our customer's feedback changes in costs reduction and revenue growth are noticeable even during the first month of automation usage. And we friendly remind that Onlizer give 30-days free trial after registration, so you can test this easy.

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