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Connect Kajabi with Onlizer

Kajabi is the powerful and popular e-learning management system (LMS). It allows you to create online courses, manage your online school, receive payments and provide access to digital content. No-code Kajabi integration with other services using Onlizer allows you to create unique automation solution for online education business management. In this article we will learn how to connect Kajabi account with Onlizer.

  1. If you not created Onlizer account yet, register for free now
  2. To connect Kajabi with Onlizer use button below
  3. You'll be redirected to Kajabi connection section in Onlizer Connect service.
  4. To create new Kajabi account connection you need to provide next parametes:
    A) Kajabi login. Your login (email) used to enter Kajabi
    B) Kajabi password. Your Kajabi account password (password required to use some features not available by API Key/API Secret)
    C) API Key. You can find API key in  Settings > Third Party Integrations section inside Kajabi portal
    D) API Secret. You can find API secret in  Settings > Third Party Integrations section inside Kajabi portal
  5. Press Connect button. After connection success created you'll be redirected into Connections Hub section. Congratulations, now you can integrate Kajabi with other services!