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PDFMonkey integration - Connect PDFMonkey with Onlizer

Generating documents is a necessity for all businesses, whether it is invoices, contracts or reports. Automating this process is often a complex and expensive issue.

PDFMonkey is an API-based service for the generation of PDF documents. Using PDFMonkey with Onlizer you can generate any document your business needs, including invoices, contracts, reports, and flyers and deliver them to customers or employees.

  1. If you're not registered Onlizer account yet sign up for free now
  2. To connect Pipedrive with Onlizer use button (you may be asked for sign in)
  3. You will be redirected to Onlizer Connect service to PDFMonkey connection setup page.
  4. To connect PDFMonkey you'll need Email (login) and PDFMonkey API Secret key. To get PDFMonkey API Secret key head to the My account page at PDFMonkey site using the top-right menu.
  5. Toggle your API KEY by clicking on the Display value link below the API SECRET KEY field and copy your key.
  6. Then prompt values in email and API secret key in Onlizer Connect form and press Authorize button.
  7. After a successful connection established, you will be redirected to Connections Hub page and newly created PDFMonkey connection will be shown there.


Get your PDFMonkey template ID

Most of Onlizer's integration for PDFMonkey will require you to provide template ID for document generation. Every template has a unique ID that you can copy from the Templates page: Copy this ID and use it for documents generation.

Setting up Webhook for PDFMonkey to use with Onlizer triggers

In order to use Onlizer\'s triggers for PDFMonkey you need to manually setup Webhook in PDFMonkey application settings.

  1. Setup your Onlizer workflow with PDFMonkey trigger, save, publish and start it.
  2. Open project and go to the "Endpoints" section. Copy endpoint address for process.
  3. Open PDFMonkey user portal. Go to the Edit app page and set a Webhook URL then click on the Save button.