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Pipedrive integration - Connect Pipedrive with Onlizer

Pipedrive is a sales CRM built for minimum Input & maximum Output. It is used by over 80000 businesses due to simple pricing and user friendly UI. This "How-to" article describing how to connect Pipedrive account with Onlizer to automate your sales, customer support and other business processes.

  1. If you're not registered Onlizer account yet sign up for free now
  2. To connect Pipedrive with Onlizer use button (you may be asked for sign in)
  3. You will be redirected to Onlizer Connect service to Pipedrive connection setup page.
  4. To connect Pipedrive you'll need Email (login) and Pipedrive API token. So get your Pipedrive API token, prompt values in email and API Key fields and press Authorize button 
  5. After a successful connection established, you will be redirected to Connections Hub page and newly created Pipedrive connection will be shown there.