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WooCommerce integration - Connect WooCommerce with Onlizer

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce has attracted significant popularity because the base product, in addition to many extensions and plugins, is free and open-source. No-code WooCommerce integration with other services and APIs using Onlizer allows you to create unique solution for e-commerce business and automate yours online store. In this article we will learn how to connect WooCommerce account with Onlizer.

  1. If you not created Onlizer account yet, register for free now
  2. To connect WooCommerce with Onlizer use button below
  3. You'll be redirected to WooCommerce connection section in Onlizer Connect service.
  4. At first to you need to create Customer Key and Secret for WooCommerce API integration. Pay attention that API keys for Onlizer must have ReadWrite permissions. To create API keys follow official guide Generate API keys.
  5. To create new WooCommerce account connection you need to provide next parametes:
    A) WooCommerce Site URL. Your WooCommerce site public URL address (like "")
    B) Customer Key. Your WooCommerce Customer Key
    C) Customer Secret. Your WooCommerce Customer Key
  6. Press Connect button. After connection success created you'll be redirected into Connections Hub section. Congratulations, now you can integrate WooCommerce with other services!