Enjoy unique integration experience with Onlizer

We offer cutting-edge features allowing you to create professional integrations. Find out what makes Onlizer best integration solution.

Enjoy simplified automation of business processes

With Onlizer interactive approach and look, you can build automation and see in real-time how data flows through your scenario.

Select your point to start

Onlizer has multiple ready to use components and technologies to automate business processes.

Select from thousands triggers and actions to build your own automation solutions.

We connect almost anything

With unique Onlizer Connect technology, you can connect huge amount of services in a secure and simple way. We implement support for OAuth 2, API keys, login and password integration scenarios so you can simply integrate everything required and start to enjoy automation.

Also, we provide support for custom HTTP(S) endpoints with JSON, Web-forms, XML and other formats so you can construct your own services without coding.

Your vision - your ways to automation

With processes automation you can address your objectives and meet KPIs. Visual workflows can help you drive your marketing, sales and support processes regardless of your goal.

Combine data and use built-in functions

Onlizer scenarios constructor allows you use data and receive business insights to create unique value and experience for your clients.

You can build personalized messages, perform advanced clients segmentation, send personal proposals and run different business flows depending on data.

Detailed information about each step

When running a specific scenario with Onlizer, all operations are logged. This way you can easily see what and when data was processed.

And, if you would like to use Onlizer but don't want us to store any transmitted data, you can just turn the logging off.