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Step-by-step: Grant access to Kajabi offer for new GetResponse subscriber

This article describes how to automatically grant access to Kajabi offer for new GetResponse subscribers. If you need open access to the Kajabi course when the client subscribed to certain GetResponse list you can use template Grant access to Kajabi offer for new GetResponse subscriber and setup GetResponse + Kajabi integration fast and secure.

Step 1: Connect GetResponse and Kajabi accounts

To setup this GetResponse and Kajabi automation you will need complete next steps:
  1. Connect GetResponse account (see How to connect GetResponse with Onlizer)
  2. Connect Kajabi account (see How to connect Kajabi with Onlizer)

Complete tutorials to connect services described above to Onlizer and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. Install application

Open Grant access to Kajabi offer for new GetResponse subscriber template and press "Install" button.

Application settings. At this step you need to specify integration project name to save integration into it. Let's create a new one called "Grant access to Kajabi offer for new GetResponse subscriber" (you can choose another name). Then press "Connect services" button.

Services setup. At this step select services you set at Step 1 to use with current integration. After you selected GetResponse and Kajabi accounts to integrate, press "Settings" button.


  1. GetResponse list name: Set GetResponse list to track new subscribers. Only subscribers from this list will receive access to Kajabi offer. If not set integration will work for all new GetResponse subscribers.
  2. Kajabi Offer: Provide Kajabi offer ID, you can find it in browser address bar when navigate to offer details in Kajabi.

Install. After you specified integration settings, press "Review options" and then "Install". Wait a little bit until Onlizer installs your integration and you will be redirected to integration project management screen. Your GetResponse+Kajabi integration will be published and started automatically.

Now integration will automatically track new subscribers in GetResponse and provide them access to Kajabi offer. Well done!