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How to: Connect Dropbox with Onlizer

Dropbox is a popular cloud file storage and synchronization service. Dropbox allows users to store files and synchronize files across devices, share files and work with them together. This "How-to" article describing how to connect Dropbox account with Onlizer to automate your folders, files and data management, share files to email and by liand use other service features.

  1. To get started, let's go to Onlizer Portal. To do this, enter "" in the browser's address line or use the quick link. Log in into portal using your email or username and password.
  2. Now we need to add your Dropbox account to Onlizer. For this go to the "Connection Hub" section in the Navigation menu (left side of the screen).
  3. This section contains a list of all of your third-party services connected to Onlizer. Do not worry if you have an empty list at the moment, soon the names of your services will appear here. To add a new service, click on the "Add new service connection" link. 
  4. Now you will be redirected to Onlizer Connect portal and a list of services will appear. You can connect any of them to your project and use them in your business logic. The list contains a batch of services and we constantly update it. Find tile with Dropbox icon and title and click it. 
  5. At the next screen, press the "Connect Dropbox account" button. 
  6. At the next steps, you may be asked to login into your Dropbox account and grant access for Onlizer application (press Allow button on the screen with the request).
  7. Attention! At the current moment our Dropbox application is in development mode and you can see an additional warning screen during authorization process. This section will be removed after Onlizer be verified by Dropbox team. 
  8. After a successful authorization, you will be redirected to Connections Hub page and the newly created Dropbox connection will be shown there.