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Step-by-step: Save new Pipedrive contact as organization-wide Google Contact

This article describes how to setup automatic transfer of new contacts from Pipedrive into Google Contacts as contact available for all users into GSuite domain (organization)

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Step 1: Connect services

To setup this automation you will need next information

Complete tutorials to connect services described above to Onlizer and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. Install application

Open Pipedrive integrations directory or template and press "Install" button.

Application settings. At this step you need to pick existed application (folder) or create a new one to save integration into it. Let's create a new one called "Save Pipedrive contact in Google Contacts" (you can choose another name). Then press "Connect services" button.

Services setup. At this step select services you set at Step 1 to use with current integration. After you selected Pipedrive account and Google Contacts account press "Settings" button.

Install. As this application don't requires any additional settings you can press "Review options" and then "Install". Wait a little bit until Onlizer installs your integration and you will be redirected to application and see management interface.

Step 3. Run integration

Now your integration for Pipedrive and Google Contacts installed but you need complete one more step to launch it. To run integration it muct be "deployed" and started. To achieve this press "Deploy" button in the center of bottom panel or "blue cloud" button in the process row.

Set next options
Source environment: Development
Target environment: Production
Enable options “Auto start after deployment” and “I know that…”
After this press "Start Deployment" button

Wait a moment while integration starts. You will see dot sign in the name of application will change to green.

Now integration will automatically track new contacts in Pipedrive and save them as organization-wide contact into Google Contacts. Well done!