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amoCRM (Legacy)
Add / update a deal in amoCRM after paying for the order in GetCourse
This integration will automate the transfer of a paid order from GetCourse to Amo CRM. After paying for the order in GetCourse, the process will automatically find an existing deal according to the contact data at a certain status and update the necessary fields, if the deal was not found, then the process will automatically create a new deal with all the necessary data in Amo CRM.
How it works
  1. The order will be paid in GetCourse
  2. Searching for a contact in amoCRM
  3. If a contact is found, a deal is searched for at a specific stage in the amoCRM funnel
  4. A deal is created / updated in amoCRM
  5. If the contact is not found, a new contact and a new deal are created
    To configure this integration you will need:
    • GetCourse Account (see Connect GetCourse to Onlizer )
    • amoCRM Account (see Connecting amoCRM to Onlizer )
    • Status for tracking order status in GetCourse
    • Name of the funnel in which to search for a deal
    • The name of the status by which you need to search for a deal in a specific funnel in amoCRM
    • The name of the funnel after updating / creating a deal
    • Status name after updating / creating a deal
    • Trade tag of the created trade (optional)