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Web/HTTP endpoint
Register for future EverWebinar autowebinar
If your autowebinar funnel requires collecting visitors for future EverWebinar autowebinar (for example, tomorrow or in a few days) this process will help to solve that task. Contacts for future autowebinar will be collected and stored into Onlizer Contacts named collection. Then when autowebinar date for this group arrives they will be registered with EverWebinar API. This integration works via HTTP endpoint so you can use it from any service you need.
How it works
  1. Contact send to Onlizer using HTTP request
  2. Onlizer store contact in Onlizer Contacts collection for this autowebinar
  3. Onlizer schedule registration for certain date respecting delay (in days) from current date
  4. When registration date appears visitors group are registered for EverWebinar autowebinar
To setup this integration you will need next information:
  • Access to EverWebinar account (email and API Key required)
  • Known EverWebinar autowebinar ID, delay in days and offset for time zone