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Add funds to balance

  1. To get started, let's go to Onlizer Portal. To do this, enter "" in the browser's address line or use the quick link. Log in into portal using your email or username and password.
  2. After you was logged-in select Billing section at Navigation menu (left side of the screen)
  3. On the billing screen click "Add funds" button in the Balance section (top left corner)
  4. We use Paddle to process payments so you will see next checkout form
  5. Select your country and enter ZIP code. This is required to check any regional restrictions or additional fees in checkout process.
  6. Select quantity of DCU packages you want to buy at the top left corner of the form. Then click on the preffered payment way (card or PayPal).
  7. Fill your data required to process payment. For example if you selected card you will need to fill card number, expiration month/year and CVV code. Pay attention: Onlizer don't receive and don't store this billing data.
  8. Click "Pay Now" button and complete checkout process. Close form after payment was processed. This will refresh page and show you new account balance.
  9. Attention! If anything went wrond during checkout process please contact us using built-in chat or send email to Thank you for using Onlizer!