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Create your account

If you don't have Onlizer account yet its perfect time to create one. Registration is a very simple process and can be performed in a few steps.

  1. Open in your browser and click "Free trial" at top navigation panel. Also you can directly open sign up page with browser.
  2. Provide required data:
    • First name. First name
    • Last name. Last name
    • Password. Strong password to protect your account. 
    • Email. Valid email address. We recommend use, GMail or organization email server for guaranteed email delivery.
    • Phone number. Valid personal or work phone number. This phone number can be used for two-factor authorization and other security reasons. The phone number is optional data and can be left empty.

    We securely store our customers personal data and will not share it with 3rd party services.

    More details about privacy and security you can read in Onlizer's Privacy Policy

  3. Press "Sign Up" button and wait until the platform performs all required actions.
  4. After your account is set you will be redirected into personal Portal and can start to create integrations for free. Welcome to Onlizer!