Welcome to Onlizer

Onlizer is cloud platform created for tasks and processes automation.
Build fast, scalable and powerfull solutions in cloud and save up to 60% of expenses.

Easy to start

Onlizer have multiple ready to use components and technologies to automate business processes.

Smart infrastructure

Intelligent infrastructure reduce expences.
You pay only for resources that your software consumes.

Individual solutions for wide range of tasks

For IT Professionals

Easily automate infrastructure management including distributed systems and hybrid cloud solutions using our platform integration, analysis and action features.

For Developers

Build applications which consumes many services using ready modules, scenarios and API. Easy consume and integrate different services with less coding.

For Business

Automate business processes and predict solutions cost with high quality cloud-based platform. Transparent and automated business processes results in lower operations costs.

For Startups

Create prototypes and MVPs faster and catch valuable metrics using our platform. Evaluate ideas and explore feedback with fast prototyping and monitoring.

Business runs on apps, Onlizer run apps

Modern technologies can help you achieve more valuable results in less time and resources cost. Allow Onlizer help with your every-day tasks and enjoy results.

Designed For Real Tasks

Connect everything

Connect different systems, devices and services with ready to use modules

Faster development

Build, test and run your solutions in cloud. Much faster with less work

Powerful runtime

Run applications in cloud runtime, manage its statuses, versions and metrics

Processes automation

Build automated systems and full-featured applications in Web IDE.

Different technologies, unified software platform

Build your solution faster and launch in cloud without delay and with less coding.

Platform development currently in progress. Feel free contact us if you interested in detailed information about integration at current stage.

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Via e-mail: team@onlizer.com

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