Automated sales Power BI reports with CallRail and Zoho CRM data

Our customer: Development company from EU with a wide network of sales offices.
Problem: Analyze and increase the efficiency of sales calls, and shorten the time of report preparation.
Solution: Automatic call tracking data sync with Zoho CRM leads and sales information, near-real-time data transfer and visualization in Power BI.

  • 16%

    Revenue increase due to better performance analysis

  • 3x

    Times increased satisfaction rate of customers according to feedback

  • 40 hours

    Working time of data analytics team is saved monthly

  • Daily

    Achieved data freshness of sales reports

Problem analysis

Large amounts of data distributed in different systems multiplied by office location distribution can create really complex challenge for the data analysis team, especially in fast-growing companies in the development industry.

Our customer, a leading development company operating in the European Union and Great Britain, faced the challenge of aggregating and analyzing sales call performance data. Optimization of marketing budget and bonuses system tunning was also on the list of main goals of data analysis and BI solution. An additional layer of complexity was added by the geographical distribution of sales offices and projects they work with. Also, data diversity and events sources came into play as the company used not only direct calls but also callback buttons and meeting forms on the website, as well as offline meeting scheduling.

What solution for call tracking and sales efficiency analysis have we implemented?

The first step for every data-driven solution is to make data collection organization-wide and streamline the process. This results in better information quality, higher accuracy of received metrics, and full coverage of business operations.

Data quality and the ability to extract a large number of key metrics are very important factors in an efficient BI digital product you deliver to marketing, sales, product, and management teams.

So, to aggregate data for calls from all sources, including website data capturing, we set and integrate CallRail as one of the features-richest solutions in the market.

As CRM is the core component of any modern business process we integrated CallRail with Zoho CRM to automate call tracking and form capture. Worth mentioning that Onlizer supports a huge variety of CRM systems to integrate with call tracking systems. Connecting calls and website data with CRM also provided clear mapping of lead sources with sales workflow and resulted in end-to-end data integration and transparency for all stakeholders.

How does a powerful data warehouse with easy setup simplify the BI and metrics analysis process?

The next step after data collection and connectivity setup is to get most of your information to power up business decisions and make a measurable impact. To make data accessible by analysis and BI tools, reduce delivery delays and improve security business requires integrated data consolidation and storing solutions known as data warehouses or "data lakes". Usually building a data warehouse solution is a challenging task as requires the involvement of developers, DevOps experts, data analysis professionals and stakeholders. This results in huge time and budget spending significant for enterprises and often unbearable by SMBs.

Our goal with Onlizer BI is to provide a connectivity and data warehousing platform both simple to set up and cost-optimized. The visual no-code user experience of Onlizer BI tools provides data analysis and automation professionals with all required features to set and maintain secure connectivity between data sources and BI services like Looker, Power BI or Databox. The wide variety of available API connector modules covers the most common or specific scenarios for data transfer, analysis, and reports building.

In this case, using Onlizer BI, we connected information about leads, deals and calls activity records from Zoho CRM to Power BI to build an advanced dashboard for sales analysis. Unique technology much reduced implementation and maintenance costs, granting secure access to fresh metrics from data sources.

Data source integration setup for Zoho CRM and Power BI is very smooth and clear using Onlizer BI

Zoho CRM and Power BI datasource setup

Building powerful reports and analytics dashboards

During the project, we implemented company-wide cross-source data tracking and connected information to Power BI platform via secure efficient technology. This opened access to metrics and parameters necessary for building a sales efficiency analysis dashboard - a useful format for business insights extraction and decision-making.

To support both summary analysis + visualization and the ability to review and analyze details advanced Power BI report was built with summaries, charts and pivot tables powered by custom queries.

Sales calls efficiency analysis summary and details dashboard in Power BI

Summary and details analytics dashboard

Multi-level filtration, grouping and top-to-bottom analysis of related data create powerful and efficient analytics tools for sales, marketing experts, data analysis professionals and stakeholders. Another great feature implemented is delta change analysis for different periods which allows to compare absolute and relative key and secondary metrics change.

Selected period data visualization and changes comparison

Sales period comparison

Project summary and impact

The first great achievement of that interesting project is the ability to connect all information about sales communication and track all required metrics with CallRail and Zoho CRM.

Next, we mapped all call data with leads and contacts in CRM so those metrics become personalized and meaningful.

To analyze data and build visual reports we connected Zoho CRM and Power BI to export all required records and sync them over time.

The data analysis and BI experts team created a comprehensive report to provide a 360-degree overview of sales processes and boost decision-making.

As we automate all stages of data collection, sync, and refresh this allowed to free 40+ hours per month of data analysis team workload. Up-to-date reports and dashboards become available daily providing a better speed and efficiency for analysis and decision making.

As a result efficiency and quality of decisions, in-time made changes and improvements of sales processes increased positive customer satisfaction rate x3 and revenue by 16% monthly.

This project is an excellent example of how automation of processes, data and services connectivity, flexible and rich reporting format can greatly boost business efficiency and profit.