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Our integration technology not only generates industry-leading long-term results, but results that are immediately demonstrable. Digital transformation and processes automation grants our customers advantage in competitive market and drive companies growth.
Check out some of our customers amazing results in the case studies below.

Sales calls analytics reports automation

Our customer: Development company from EU with a wide network of sales offices. Problem: Analyze and increase the efficiency of sales calls, and shorten the time of report preparation. Solution: Automatic call tracking data sync with Zoho CRM leads and sales information, near-real-time data transfer and visualization in Power BI.

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Ecommerce inventory orders automation

Our customer: Leading supplier of electric scooters and bicycles in Canada and USA Task: Automate inventory management and products sync for multi-warehouse and multi-SKU supplier operating in countries and regions with specific taxation and delivery rules Solution: Implemented near-real-time custom solution for automated products, stocks, orders and invoices sync for Microsoft SQL Server, BigCommerce and Zoho CRM

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Automated WhatsApp notifications

Our customer: Leading USA pizza restaurants and delivery network Goal: Boost customer satisfaction, reduce delays for issues resolving and decision-making Solution: Automated events tracking for Zendesk, Trello, HubSpot, ConnectWise Manage, Power BI and notifications delivery in WhatsApp

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Customer success and incidents resolution management

Our customer: Leading USA IT Services outsourcing company Goal: Boost customer success and support team efficiency, reduce delays for issues resolving and decision-making for omnichannel communications Solution: Automated cases data and messages sync for Zendesk, Slack, WhatsApp and ConnectWise Manage

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Content management, publishing and sales automation

Our customer: Global video content and professional online courses publisher from Estonia Goal: Increase processes efficiency, reduce the amount of issues and manual work, increase speed of data analysis Solution: Automated content publishing, management, leads tracking and sales management, build tracking and reporting solutions via automation for Teachable, WooCommerce, Stripe, and Zoho CRM

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