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Onlizer is a solution for services integration and processes automation. Easily build fast, scalable and powerful solutions and save up to 80% in time and cost.
No coding required.

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One connected platform that empowers everyone to innovate

Creating apps for your business just got easier. A powerful, point-and-click approach to app building makes it easy for anyone. Create automated integrations between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, build reports and more.


Easily plug in different apps & services into your integration flow


Setup every aspect of automation with fast and clear approach


Launch apps and integrations live in a few minutes not days


Track important events in hundreds of services and send them to multiple messengers

Send and receive notifications about events that really means when you need it, in any channel. Onlizer Notify provides you with an easy setup to track events and deliver notifications to WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Microsoft Teams, Skype and other channels.



Support your customers and close deals better via omni-channel communication

Onlizer Chats connects your CRM, HelpDesk, ERP, communication, marketing and sales software or any services to WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and other messengers to sync messages, add contacts and deals on the fly, schedule tasks and track activities.

Onlizer Chats messages sync

Onlizer BI

Connect any service as data source and import data and insights with integration to BI tools

Onlizer BI integrates data from your CRM, HelpDesk, ERP, databases, marketing and sales software or any services to Power BI, Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio), Tableau and other BI tools to analyze contacts, deals and other data on the fly, build dashboards and get insights quickly.

Onlizer BI integration setup

Onlizer Studio

Create customized individual integration with flexible, easy to use, no-code and low-code tools

Onlizer Studio integrates hundreds of services and allows to build hi-customized individual automated solutions connecting value that make your business more efficient and provide new level of business processes quality.

Onlizer Studio integration setup

Best Solutions Grow Your Business Value

Our integration technology not only generates industry-leading long-term results, but results that are immediately demonstrable. Digital transformation and processes automation grants our customers advantage in competitive market and drive companies growth.
Check out some of our customers amazing results in the case studies below.

Helpful notifications

Receive notifications about events that really matters in right time in any channel

Learn how automated WhatsApp notifications helped leading USA pizza delivery network boost productivity and reduce delays resulting in revenue increase

Solution includes...
  • Notifications for customers
  • Feedback aggregation
  • Notifications for support team
  • Daily BI reports delivery
This leads to...
  • Services quality increase
  • Better employees performance
  • Customers satisfaction growth
  • Shorten decision making delay
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Automated Reports

Automated reports and data insights extraction by Onlizer BI allow leading development company from EU boost efficiency of sales department and increase revenue

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Omnichannel Communication

Learn how Onlizer Chats provide efficient sollution for omnichannel communication connecting Zendesk, ConnectWise Manage, WhatsApp for IT services outsourcing company from USA

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Inventory management and orders processing

Automated products stocks and orders sync boosted leading Canadian vendor sales and customers satisfaction

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Reduce Complexity With Easy Customization

Learn how Onlizer Studio flexible and powerful tools empower content publishing and professional education company to achieve new horizons

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