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Onlizer is a solution for services integration and processes automation. Easily build fast, scalable and powerful solutions and save up to 80% in time and cost.
No coding required.

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From simple to most complex integrations you need tools with right features to empower your work

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Use an intuitive no-code editor and templates

The editor is inspired and driven by our experience and passion to create better user experience for apps makers to build and launch automations faster

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Use your own data to power your apps

Onlizer can integrate, pull, transform and push data from any SaaS tool, API or database keeping your data safe. One solution to connect things together with no-code approach

Connect everything
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Personal integration

Build by your rules

Customize all integration steps, filters and parameters

Onlizer Studio provides an ability to build integration app specific for your business nneds. You can connect multiple services, specify parameters mapping and filters to create personal solution

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Connect your existing digital ecosystem

With hundreds of no-code API connectors available for Airtable, ClickUp, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Google Sheets and other services easy and safe sync and transform data, run actions and boost tasks performance using automated workflows

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Scalable and secure platform

Build and launch fast, scale wisely and secure

Empowered by years of experience, unique technologies and proven cloud infrastructure Onlizer keeps your integrations, data protected and processes reliable without any interruption

Build own custom integration or select one of case optimized tools

We focused to provide best solution for every task so Onlizer features multiple integration products optimized for specific automation scenario


Track important events in hundreds of services and send them to multiple messengers

Send and receive notifications about events that really means when you need it, in any channel. Onlizer Notify provides you with an easy setup to track events and deliver notifications to WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Microsoft Teams, Skype and other channels.



Support your customers and close deals better via omni-channel communication

Onlizer Chats connects your CRM, HelpDesk, ERP, communication, marketing and sales software or any services to WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and other messengers to sync messages, add contacts and deals on the fly, schedule tasks and track activities.

Onlizer Chats messages sync

Onlizer BI

Connect any service as data source and import data and insights with integration to BI tools

Onlizer BI integrates data from your CRM, HelpDesk, ERP, databases, marketing and sales software or any services to Power BI, Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio), Tableau and other BI tools to analyze contacts, deals and other data on the fly, build dashboards and get insights quickly.

Onlizer BI integration setup