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Many people use Crowdin to translate, manage and organize localization projects. No matter if you manage projects for clients, you work for a Fortune 100 company, or you're self-employed, Crowdin has features and integrations that will suit your localization needs.

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Crowdin integrations requests

If you don't found in Onlizer required solution for Crowdin integration, please suggest your integration request or vote for reliable suggestions below. We'll reach you via email to discuss timing of implementation.

Crowdin's triggers and actions

File Proofread

On project file proofread

Invoke when project file will be proofread

File translated

On project file translate progress

Invoke when project file will be translated

Project Proofread

On project proofread

Invoke when project will be proofread

Project translated

On project translate progress

Invoke when project file will be translated


Get account project details

Get list account projects with details


Add new file

Add file to crowdin project

Delete file

Delete file from project. All the translations will be lost without ability to restore them

Edit file

Edit files in crowdin project


Add new folder to project

Add new folder to project

Delete folder from crowdin project

Delete Crowdin project directory. All nested files and directories will be deleted too

Update folder in project

Rename directory or modify its attributes. When renaming directory the path can not be changed (it means newFolderName parameter can not contain path, name only).


Get glossary for project

Download Crowdin project glossaries as TBX file

Upload glossary in project

Upload your glossaries for Crowdin Project in TBX file format


Get supported languages

Get translate supported languages


Create project

Create project in account

Create project in account

Get project details

Delete project from account

Delete Crowdin project with all translations

Edit project in account

Edit project in account

Translation memory

Download translation memory

Download Crowdin project Translation Memory as TMX file

Upload translation memory

Upload your Translation Memory for Crowdin Project in TMX file format


Download translation

Download ZIP file with translations. You can choose the language of translation you need or download all of them at once

Export translation

Build ZIP archive with the latest translations. API call will be ignored if there were no changes in the project since previous export

Get translation status for project

Get translation status for Crowdin project

Upload translation

Upload existing translations to your Crowdin project. All the file formats that do not have defined structure (such as: Generic XML, HTML, Plain Text, Markdown, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Webxml) the translations upload is not possible.


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