Paddle makes it incredibly simple to sell apps, games, and any other digital products. Paddle handle everything from the checkout experience and analytics to file hosting and VAT, leaving you to focus on what you enjoy: creating awesome products

Using Paddle?

Easy connect Paddle with other services: CRM, webinars, email campaigns, calls, chat bots, Google Sheets, and other 150+ services

Connect Paddle with other services in few minutes

Easy integrate Paddle and connect realtime online data sync with other services: Pipedrive, WebinarJam, GetResponse, Google Sheets, SMS or voice calls, messengers and many more.

Templates for Paddle integration

It is much easier to configure Paddle's connection to other services using ready-made script templates. You can also create a new custom workflow using our visual constructor.

Paddle's triggers and actions

  • Fired when a payment is made into your Paddle account


      • Vendor ID, String


    • alert_id, String
    • alert_name, String
    • balance_currency, String
    • balance_earnings, String
    • balance_fee, String
    • balance_gross, String
    • balance_tax, String
    • checkout_id, String
    • country, String
    • coupon, String
    • currency, String
    • customer_name, String
    • earnings, String
    • email, String
    • event_time, String
    • fee, String
    • marketing_consent, String
    • order_id, String
    • passthrough, String
    • payment_method, String
    • payment_tax, String
    • product_id, String
    • product_name, String
    • quantity, String
    • receipt_url, String
    • sale_gross, String
    • unit_price_override, String
    • passthrough_object, Object
Custom links
  • Send recurrent payment


      • Product ID, Integer
      • Title, String
      • Quantity, Integer
      • Customer email, String
      • Coupon code, String
      • Passthrough (custom metadata), Object
      • Custom prices, Array [String]
      • Custom recurring prices, Array [String]
      • Trial days, Integer
      • Custom message, String
      • Discountable, Boolean
      • Quantity can be changed, Boolean
      • Image URL, String
      • Return URL, String
      • Vendor ID, String


    • success, Boolean
    • response, Object
    • error, Object

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