Maintain cost-efficient integrations with unlimited flexibility

Onlizer brings most cost-efficient way to integrate services so you pay only for really used resources without any "stand-by" charges.


Prepaid plans are well suited for most companies needs. Also, only prepaid pricing plans include guaranteed technical support.


10000 DCU*

Unlimited workflows

Premium connectors

Basic support only**


50 000 DCU

Unlimited workflows

Premium connectors

4h/mo Tech Support*** included


100 000 DCU

Unlimited workflows

Premium connectors

8h/mo Tech Support included


300 000 DCU

Unlimited workflows

Premium connectors

12h/mo Tech Support included

Have questions or need help choosing the best plan? Contact us


$7 per 1000 DCU

Unlimited integrations

All connectors

Technical support on demand**


Fluent is an unique flexible plan with payment for units of use.
Payment by the Fluent plan conditions is performed only for the resources usage, without the need to pay a monthly subscription fee, without limitation on the number of used computing resources, integrations complexity and applications count.
Flexible billing plan allows you to maximize the use of the capabilities of the Onlizer platform without worrying about overpayments, restrictions on the amount of resources or frequency of processes launch.
Choosing a flexible Fluent billing plan you pay only for the resources that were used during the execution of your integrations.The payments is performed by units usage and the funds deposited on your personal account have no limitation on the validity period.


For real loads and frequent requests or critical scenarios, we provide dedicated virtual servers with preallocated resources fully available on your demand.



2 vCPU


8h/mo Tech Support included



4 vCPU


16h/mo Tech Support included

Questions & Answers

*What is DCU?
DCU (Data Computing Unit) is complex unit, which include 1 Onlizer workflow “step”, 1s (second) of CPU time and 1MB of transferred data. We developed this unit to represent basic metrics of application runtime and provide transparent logic for runtime cost computation.
What “step” means? One Onlizer workflow “step” means call to one component (logical connector) during runtime (e.g. insert data into database or receive/send email).
Examples of pricing calculation:
Customer use workflow that consumed 4 “steps” (Example: Scheduler to run workflow every hour, select from SQL database, text formatting and email send with Gmail) during 3 seconds and transferred 2 MB of data. This workflow will cost 4 DCU (maximum between 4 “steps”, 3 seconds of CPU and 2 MB of data).
If workflow consumes 2 steps during 5 seconds with 1 MB data transfer it will cost 5 DCU (because of 5 seconds CPU usage).
If workflow consumes 3 steps during 5 seconds and transferred 7 MB of data it will cost 10 DCU (because of 10 MB data transfer).
**What basic support includes?
Basic support was provided by Onlizer Customer Success team and its goal is to provide maximal comfort and happiness for our customers during platform usage. Basic support is fully free and contains no hidden charges.
Even great products sometimes contain non-clear features or can work wrong, so basic support will help with:
  • Account setup & access problems
  • Pricing consulting and estimation
  • Resources usage clarification
  • General applications and services problems (re-setup or correction of settings not included)
  • Can connect you with technical support when it’s really necessary
***What technical support includes?
Onlizer Technical support was created to provide professional IT-service for near anything our clients and partners will need.
So technical support includes:
  • Onlizer applications architecture and development consulting
  • External services connectivity setup
  • Applications setup
  • Applications error solving
  • Custom solutions development
  • And many more