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Thinkific is a technology company with a platform that allows people and businesses to create online courses from their existing knowledge and then deliver or sell those courses to their audience from their website, and under their own brand.

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Thinkific's triggers and actions


On course created

Triggered when a site administrator creates a new course

On course deleted

Triggered when a site administrator deletes a course on the site

On course updated

Triggered when a site administrator makes changes to the course's settings

On enrollment completed

Triggered when a student reaches 100% completion in a course

On enrollment created

Triggered when a full enrollment is created in any of your courses

On enrollment progress

Triggered when a student progresses forward on a course. This event is similar to the "On lesson completed", but includes the % progress in a course. This event can also be triggered when an admin updates a user's progress by Recalculating Progress)

On lesson completed

Triggered when a student completes a lesson in a course. This event is similar to the "On enrollment completed" event but includes information about which lesson has been completed

On order created

Trigger when an order is successfully completed

On product updated

Triggered when the site administrator makes changes to a product in Thinkific. Products include both courses and bundles. This trigger is fired when a product (course/bundle) is published/unpublished or when the price of a product changes

On user enroll preview

Triggered when a user enrolls for a preview in any course

On user sign in

Triggered when a user signs in to your site from any of the standard login methods. (Includes email/password sign-in, linkedin sign-in, express sign-in, checkout sign-in, and SSO)

On user sing up

Triggered when a new user signs up for your site


Create an enrollment in bundle

Create an enrollment in a bundle of courses

Retrieve an bundle

Retrieve an existing bundle

Retrieve an bundle courses

Retrieve an existing bundle courses

Retrieve an bundle enrollments

Retrieve an existing bundle enrollments

Update an enrollment in bundle

Update an enrollment in a bundle


Retrieve an category

Retrieve an existing category

Category products

Add products to category

Add products to category

Remove products from category

Remove products from category


Retrieve an chapter

Retrieve an existing chapter

Retrieve an chapter contents

Retrieve an existing chapter contents


Retrieve a content

Retrieve a content by provided id


Bulk create coupons

This method allows for the creation of Coupons in bulk

Create a coupon

Create a new coupon

Delete a coupon

Delete an exsisting coupon by provided id

Retrieve a coupon

Retrieve a coupon by provided id

Retrieve a coupons list

This method returns the Coupon identified by the provided id

Update a coupon

Update an existing coupon


Get course chapters list

Retrieve a list of course chapters

Course reviews

Create course review

Create a new course review

Get course reviews list

Get course reviews list

Retrieve a course review

Retrieve an existing course review with selected id


Get course

Get course by selected id

Get courses list

Get courses list

Custom profile fields definitions

Get Custom profile fields definitions list

Get custom profile fields definitions list


Create an enrollment

Create an enrollment

Get enrollment

Get enrollment by selected ID

Get enrollments list

Get enrollment by selected parameters

Unenroll student

End a student's enrollment in a course immediately or at a specified date

Update an enrollment

Update an enrollment

External orders

Create purchase

Create a new transaction purchase for the External Order

Creates new External Order

Creates a new External Order

Creates new External Order refund

Creates a new External Order refund


Add user to group

Adds an existing user to existing group

Add user to groups

Adds an existing user to existing groups

Retrieve groups list

Return list of groups


Create instructor

Create a new instructor

Delete instructor

Delete instructor by selected id

Get instructor

Get instructor by selected id

Retrieve instructors list

Return list of instructors

Update instructor

Update an existing instructor


Get order

Get order by selected id

Retrieve a orders list

Returns a list of orders

Product publish requests

Get product publish request

Get product publish request by selected id

Retrieve an product publish requests

Retrieve an product publish requests list


Get product

Get product by id

Get products related to product

Get products related to another product selected by id

Retrieve an products list

Retrieve an products list


Create a promotion

Create a new Promotion

Find promotion by code and product id

Find promotion by coupon code and product id

Retrieve an promotions list

Retrieve an promotions list

Update a promotion

Update an existing promotion


Create a new user

Create a new user

Delete a user

Delete an existing user

Retrieve a user

Retrieve an existing user

Retrieve a users list

Retrieve a users list

Update an existing user

Update an existing user


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