Web/HTTP endpoint

Endpoint to handle requests over HTTP/HTTPS

Using Web/HTTP endpoint?

Easy connect Web/HTTP endpoint with other services: CRM, webinars, email campaigns, calls, chat bots, Google Sheets, and other 150+ services

Connect Web/HTTP endpoint with other services in few minutes

Easy integrate Web/HTTP endpoint and connect realtime online data sync with other services: Pipedrive, WebinarJam, GetResponse, Google Sheets, SMS or voice calls, messengers and many more.

Templates for Web/HTTP endpoint integration

It is much easier to configure Web/HTTP endpoint's connection to other services using ready-made script templates. You can also create a new custom workflow using our visual constructor.

Web/HTTP endpoint's triggers and actions

  • Receive HTTP(S) request and triggers workflow launch


      • Allowed HTTP methods (separated by ;), String
      • Allowed origins (separated by ;), String
      • Required headers (separated by ;), String
      • Required parameters (separated by ;), String
      • Url pattern (e.g. /users/{id}), String


    • method, String
    • origin, String
    • headers, Array [Object]
    • urlParameters, Array [Object]
    • formParameters, Array [Object]
    • data, Object
    • jsonBody, Object
    • rawContent, String
    • contentType, String
    • protocol, String
    • requestUrl, String
    • requestId, String
    • isFormData, Boolean
    • isJson, Boolean
    • isXml, Boolean
    • files, Array [Object]
  • Parameters:

      • Application ID, String
      • Workflow ID, String
      • httpMethod, Integer
      • queryParameters, Object
      • headers, Object
      • cookies, Object
      • additionalPath, String


    • code, Integer
    • content, Object
    • headers, Array [Object]
    • cookies, Array [Object]
  • Prepare and send response for incoming HTTP request


      • Content type (e.g. 'application/json'), String
      • Response HTTP code (e.g. 200), Integer
      • Response content (e.g. JSON object), Object
      • Response headers (e.g. 'Location:http://example.com'), String


    • success, Boolean

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