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GoToWebinar is a simple, self-service webinar tool that makes it easy to host large-scale online events. Present webinars to hundreds with confidence or attend a webinar from anywhere with GoToWebinar, the #1 webinar software in customer satisfaction.

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GoToWebinar's triggers and actions

  • No triggers available for this connector


Delete co-organizer

Deletes an internal co-organizer specified by the coorganizerKey (memberKey).

Get co-organizers

Returns the co-organizers for the specified webinar. The original organizer who created the webinar is filtered out of the list. If the webinar has no co-organizers, an empty array is returned. Co-organizers that do not have a GoToWebinar account are returned as external co-organizers. For those organizers no surname is returned.

Resend invitation

Resends an invitation email to the specified co-organizer

Create co-organizers

Create co-organizers

Creates co-organizers for the specified webinar. For co-organizers that have a GoToWebinar account you have to set the parameter 'external' to 'false'. For co-organizers that have no GoToWebinar account you have to set the parameter 'external' to 'true'. In this case you have to pass the parameters 'Given name' and 'Email'. Since there is no parameter for 'Surname' you should pass first and last name to the parameter 'Given name'.


Resend the panelist invitation email

Resend the panelist invitation email

Recording assets

Search for completed recordingassets

Operations available for assets of a given organizer.


Create registrant

Register an attendee for a scheduled webinar. The response contains the registrantKey and join URL for the registrant. An email will be sent to the registrant unless the organizer turns off the confirmation email setting from the GoToWebinar website

Delete webinar registrant

Removes a webinar registrant from current registrations for the specified webinar. The webinar must be a scheduled, future webinar.

Get registrant details

Retrieve registration details for a specific registrant

Get registration fields

Retrieve required, optional registration, and custom questions for a specified webinar

Get webinar registrants

Retrieve registration details for all registrants of a specific webinar. Registrant details will not include all fields captured when creating the registrant. To see all data, use method 'Get registrant details'. Registrants can have one of the following states: WAITING - registrant registered and is awaiting approval (where organizer has required approval), APPROVED - registrant registered and is approved, and DENIED - registrant registered and was denied


Get attendance of webinar session

Retrieves attendance details for a specific webinar session that has ended. If attendees attended the session ('registrantsAttended'), specific attendance details, such as attendenceTime for a registrant, will also be retrieved

Get completed organizer sessions

Retrieve all completed sessions of all the webinars of a given organizer

Get session performance

Get performance details for a session

Get session polls

Retrieve all collated attendee questions and answers for polls from a specific webinar session

Get session questions

Retrieve questions and answers for a past webinar session

Get session surveys

Retrieve surveys for a past webinar session


Cancels a specific webinar

If the webinar is a series or sequence, this call deletes all scheduled sessions. To send cancellation emails to registrants set 'Send cancellation emails' to true.

Creates a webinar

Creates a single session webinar, a sequence of webinars or a series of webinars depending on the type field 'Type'

Get all attendees for all sessions of the specified webinar

Returns all attendees for all sessions of the specified webinar.

Get organizer webinars

Returns upcoming and past webinars for the currently authenticated organizer that are scheduled within the specified date/time range

Get the list of webinars for an account within a given date range

Retrieves the list of webinars for an account within a given date range. Default page is 0 and default size is 20

Get the meeting times for a webinar

Retrieves the meeting times for a webinar

Get webinar performance

Gets performance details for all sessions of a specific webinar

Retrieve information on a specific webinar

Retrieve information on a specific webinar. If the type of the webinar is 'sequence', a sequence of future times will be provided. Webinars of type 'series' are treated the same as normal webinars - each session in the webinar series has a different webinarKey. If an organizer cancels a webinar, then a request to get that webinar would return a '404 Not Found' error.

Updates a webinar

The update completely replaces the existing sessions, series or sequence.


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