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A simple service for email and SMS campaigns.

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Easy connect Unisender with other services: CRM, webinars, email campaigns, calls, chat bots, Google Sheets, and other 150+ services

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Easy integrate Unisender and connect realtime online data sync with other services: Pipedrive, WebinarJam, GetResponse, Google Sheets, SMS or voice calls, messengers and many more.

Templates for Unisender integration

It is much easier to configure Unisender's connection to other services using ready-made script templates. You can also create a new custom workflow using our visual constructor.

Unisender's triggers and actions

  • No triggers available for this connector


Create campaign

Schedule or immediately start sending email or SMS messages


Get user fields

Get fields that was created by user

Mail messages

Create mail message

Create mail message

Update confirm email

Update body of confirm email

Mailing list

Create new mailing list

create a new contact list

Get all mailing lists

Get the list of all available campaign lists

Set confirmation email for list

Set confirmation email for contacts list


Subscribe person

This method adds contacts (email address and/or mobile phone numbers) of the contact to one or several lists, and also allows you to add/change values of additional fields and tags


Get detailed templates list

Retrieve all templates with body

Get template

Get detail of template by template key

Get templates list

Retrieve all templates without body


Connect Unisender with other services

You can easy, secure and reliable integrate Unisender with other services and automate business processes using no-code tools

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