OpenCart is a free open source ecommerce platform for online merchants. OpenCart provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to build a successful online store.

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Easy connect OpenCart with other services: CRM, webinars, email campaigns, calls, chat bots, Google Sheets, and other 150+ services

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Easy integrate OpenCart and connect realtime online data sync with other services: Pipedrive, WebinarJam, GetResponse, Google Sheets, SMS or voice calls, messengers and many more.

Templates for OpenCart integration

It is much easier to configure OpenCart's connection to other services using ready-made script templates. You can also create a new custom workflow using our visual constructor.

OpenCart's triggers and actions

  • No triggers available for this connector
  • Get details of a product


    • Login, String
    • Product id, Integer


    • product, Object
  • Get details of a product


    • Login, String


    • products, Array [Object]
  • Update existing product


      • Login, String
        • Product id, Integer
          • Product name, String
          • Product quantity, Integer
          • Product price, Number
          • Product tax class id, Integer
          • Manufacturer id, Integer
          • Product SKU, String
          • Product seo data, Array [Object]
          • Product is enabled, Boolean
          • Product points, Integer
          • Product reward, Integer
          • Product image, String
          • Product images, Array [String]
          • Product shipping, Boolean
          • Stock status id, Integer
          • UPC, String
          • EAN, String
          • JAN, String
          • ISBN, String
          • MPN, String
          • Location, String
          • Date available, Integer
          • Weight, Number
          • Weight class id, Integer
          • Length, Number
          • Width, Number
          • Height, Number
          • Length class id, Integer
          • Subtract, Integer
          • Minimum, Integer
          • Sort order, Integer
          • Product store, Array [Integer]
          • Product related, Array [Integer]
          • Product filter, Array [Integer]
          • Product description, Array [Object]
          • Product category, Array [Integer]
          • Product special, Array [Object]
          • Product discount, Array [Object]
          • Product attribute, Array [Object]
          • Product option, Array [Object]


    • product, Object

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