Connect Hellonext with other services in few minutes

Easy integrate Hellonext and connect realtime online data sync with other services: WhatsApp, Slack, Power BI, Google Looker Studio and many more

Hellonext integrations

Notify for Hellonext

Track important events in Hellonext and send them to WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord and other messengers

Setup send and receive notifications for events in Hellonext in a few minutes



Talk to your customers from Hellonext and close deals faster via omni-channel communication

Onlizer Chats connects Hellonext to WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and other messengers to send and receive messages, sync chats, add contacts and deals on the fly, schedule tasks and track activities.

Onlizer Chats messages sync

Onlizer BI

Connect Hellonext as data source and import data and insights with integration to Power BI, Google Looker Studio, Google Data Studio and other BI services

Onlizer BI integrates data from your Hellonext to Power BI, Google Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio), Tableau and other BI tools to analyze contacts, deals, tasks and other data on the fly, build dashboards and get insights quickly.

Onlizer BI integration setup

Hellonext integration ideas

Support or submit Hellonext integration idea and we'll invite you to use it early for free! Our development team will reach you personally with estimation for this request. Also you can vote for most relevant suggestions below.

Build Hellonext integration with no-code tools

You can easy create integration for Hellonext using no-code builder and customize it to fit your needs. Onlizer provides wide range of services to connect with Hellonext
Do not see required feature or service in least? Send us integration request. We carefully listen to our community and implement new integrations on demand.

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All Hellonext integrations

Explore Hellonext integration features

You can easy create integration for Hellonext using no-code builder and customize it to fit your needs.

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