2Checkout.com is an online payment processing service that helps you accept credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards.

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Easy integrate 2Checkout and connect realtime online data sync with other services: Pipedrive, WebinarJam, GetResponse, Google Sheets, SMS or voice calls, messengers and many more.

Templates for 2Checkout integration

It is much easier to configure 2Checkout's connection to other services using ready-made script templates. You can also create a new custom workflow using our visual constructor.

2Checkout's triggers and actions

  • Trigger will activate after payment was completed


      • Email, String


    • gifT_ORDER, Integer
    • saledate, String
    • paymentdate, String
    • completE_DATE, String
    • refno, String
    • refnoext, String
    • shoppeR_REFERENCE_NUMBER, String
    • originaL_REFNOEXT, String
    • orderno, String
    • orderstatus, String
    • paymethod, String
    • paymethoD_CODE, String
    • carD_TYPE, String
    • carD_LAST_DIGITS, String
    • carD_EXPIRATION_DATE, String
    • fX_RATE, String
    • fX_MARKUP, String
    • payablE_AMOUNT, String
    • payouT_CURRENCY, String
    • shippinG_TRACKING_NO, String
    • shippinG_COMMENTS, String
    • shippinG_TRACKING_URL, String
    • shippinG_METHOD_NAME, String
    • shippinG_STATUS, String
    • chargebacK_RESOLUTION, String
    • chargebacK_REASON_CODE, String
    • tesT_ORDER, String
    • gatewaY_RESPONSE, String
    • ipN_ORDER_ORIGIN, String
    • refunD_REASON, String
    • frauD_STATUS, String
    • firstname, String
    • lastname, String
    • company, String
    • registrationnumber, String
    • fiscalcode, String
    • cbankname, String
    • cbankaccount, String
    • addresS1, String
    • addresS2, String
    • city, String
    • state, String
    • zipcode, String
    • country, String
    • countrY_CODE, String
    • phone, String
    • fax, String
    • customeremail, String
  • No actions available for this connector

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